He may have weaknesses but being blind isn’t one of them – Srikanth Bolla


“The Worst thing about Disability is that people see it before they see you.” We you call it stereotype or poor mentality, but that’s the reality everywhere. But when a person with disability just don’t accept the reality, things pretty interesting and not to mention INSPIRATIONAL.

Before I tell you Who I am referring here, here is a short snippet of his initial years :

  • He was born blind and poor (worst combination)
  • His parents (who were earning Rs. 20k/year) were advised to get rid of him by his relatives (even worse)
  • He as a small kid was always left alone in school because of his disability (Not helping).
  • He wanted to take up science stream in class 10 but was denied despite of 90% (so much for education for all). He sued the State Govt., fought for 6 months, and won the case. He scored 98% with Science in 12th.
  • He was also not allowed to write several competitive exams and was not even allowed to join Engg. coaching institutes.

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People who have guessed Srikanth Bolla are absolutely right and well, for rest, Read more.

Despite all the hardships, his sheer tenacity makes him shine through the dark clouds of misfortune.  Born in Machilipatnam, a city in Andhra Pradesh, His father was a poor farmer. Srikanth Bolla through his hard work and zeal went on to become the first blind candidate to be admitted to MIT in the US (in spite of selection in 4 of the best colleges ever created on Earth: MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon) .After completion of his studies, he successfully started a company by the name Bollant Industries that produces environmental and customer friendly disposable packaging solutions, which is worth Rs.50 cores now.

He also said, We helped about 3000 students in acquiring an education and vocational rehabilitation. But then I thought what about their employment? So I built this company and now employ 150 differently-abled people.” Srikanth Bolla has also started his companies in 3 places – a unit in Hubli in Karnataka, Nizamabad in Telangana and two in Hyderabad. He is also investing a new solar unit in Chennai. The Bollant Industries employs the disabled and the uneducated.
When Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam visited Srikanth Bolla’s school when he was young, Dr. Kalam put forward the question – What do you want to become?, to which young Srikanth Bolla replied, he wanted to become the first Indian blind President. Such aspiration and determination at a very young age. His tenacity and intelligence eventually earned him an opportunity to work for Lead India Project, a movement to empower the youth through value-based education, with former President Late APJ Abdul Kalam.

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As per Srikanth Bolla , “I was made blind by the perception of people..” When the world said to him that you can’t do anything, Bolla said, “But I look up at the world and say I can do Anything”. Srikanth Bolla is truly a great inspiration to the young people. He has proved the world that nothing is impossible if you have passion. If we young people get inspired by people like Srikanth Bolla,  I am sure India will reach great heights.

“Compassion,” he says, “is not about giving a coin to a beggar at the traffic signal. It’s showing somebody the way to live and giving them the opportunity to thrive.”

This man certainly proved that, Success is the best and the sweetest revenge.

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