12 Best Career choices which doesn’t require College Degree, so better get started !!

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With Population over 1.26 Billion in which more than 50% is below poverty line, not everybody can afford college education. No matter how many promises state and central govt make but all attempts are just like their intentions, MINISCULE. In every election from past 75 years of our independence, Providing Jobs have been one of the Top priority but I guess population is increasing at a much faster rate than people are getting jobs or whatever our Govt are doing is just not enough. That is why after those fake news and ‘Like this Picture’ posts on Facebook, you’ll see job career or vacancies related posts. But now awareness is slowly seeping into the remote and village areas and general public is making attempts to come out from poverty and going for low investment careers.

For those hopeful youngsters, this article will guide you how you can earn without a college degree, jobs which doesn’t ask for a college degree & What all it require is Hardwork & Dedication. These are many opportunities in the market like :

  • Online Reseller – Latest addition and very new to Indians but can be started with very less investment. Portals like Amazon, Snapdeal & Flipkart offer seller accounts with registered TIN numbers but if you don’t have a company, start with Kraftly or sell through Facebook and Whatsapp groups. Isn’t that simple !!

  • Modeling – Modeling is another career is one of the best salary jobs after 12th in India, basic requirement for this job is good personality and physique and then you just need some attention to catch designer’s eye.

  • Sales Representative – you can choose this job who like to interact with people from all walks of life and have excellent communication skills and able to impress and market their product, most of the time the they will be paid based on their targets achieved & definitely Highest paid job in this list. They may not necessarily earn much money in the beginning as a fresher ,that’s for sure. There’s always someone needing to sell something to somebody.

  • Real-estate Agent – Those who convey or market anything related to property that is being sold or bought. This profession doesn’t require a degree which reaps a high compensation with every successful deal.

Soldier/Policeman/Fireman – I just have to say this that if you just want to earn, better not choose these profession because level of commitment is highest out of all jobs. Choose if you want to serve the country and its people and trust me, there is no better job than this.

  • Receptionist/Front Desk job – Airport counters, hotel counter, office receptionist,etc. are few examples where you can get the job but it definitely requires good personality as you will be the face of the organization. Also good communication skills are must.

  • Carpenter – This yet another profession which requires a good amount of physical effort though it will fetch you a fair amount of money and also one of the most in demand profession these days

  • Makeup Artist – An artistic career to be successful Makeup artist one must possess artistic skills and able to upgrade themselves as per the demands of their clients, they can find jobs in modeling, cine fields etc.., and remuneration is purely based on their talent. You can even start a small salon at first, get clients and make contacts, do bridal makeups. Its big in India specially during wedding seasons.

  • Freelance Photographer – Photography is one of the best earning profession-cum-career where individuals can work and only thing you require is a Good quality Camera and eye to shoot great photos. Of course contact will help you out to get opportunities initially like in Weddings or small occasions. But trust its the best and most sort out job of all and best part is you can manage 3-5 gigs a day without straining yourself.

  • Personal Trainer – Due to wide awareness of health conscious among the people of India, which has created a new job career scope for many job seekers in the form of Personal Trainer who is responsible to guide the person who has hired him for his physical fitness. Personal Trainer is a kind of profession which doesn’t demand a graduation degree and can earn huge remuneration.

  • Hardware Mechanic – Well this requires a specific skill set but you can get the basic training in any skill development institution like ITI for free or if you have anyone who is already running a business in this can train you and with experience and time, you will be able to earn good money. Make sure to checkout government programmes as well.

  • Security Personnel – Although Self-explanatory but with so many security provider firms are starting, this might be the job which you can easily get, considering you have no police record.

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