I don't Smoke, am I missing something ?


Almost no smokers will admit this, but, in teen age, smoking cultivates a certain image that appeals to certain types of people (including non-smokers). Even though smoking is largely stigmatized in the mainstream nowadays, there is still a romantic/rebellious image that continues to draw people to it.

I mean, would Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly look as badass if he didn’t smoke?

What about Tony Soprano? Or Ray Liotta in Goodfellas? Or Brad Pitt in Fight Club?

Couple Argue Over Car Smoking

It’s just one of those stupid, destructive behaviors that society at large still unconsciously glamorizes, just like alcohol abuse and getting into fights. Yes, consciously we know that it’s immature and harmful. But, somehow, seeing someone who “deserves it” getting decked still makes us root for the person who couldn’t walk away from a fight. Likewise, smoking often has that same sort of subconscious rebel appeal.

Let’s see why young people smoke nowadays :

1. To impress women

Listen, I am a decent looking girl. I know many women ranging from average to stunning in looks. I or any of them will not be one bit impressed when we see you smoking. If you think “smoking” will get you a girl’s attention – you are mistaken.

Smoking is my first criteria in rejecting a guy. A tobacco kiss is nauseating. The smell of smoke is pathetic and a big put-off. Honestly, I cannot count the number of women who crib about their men smoking and how it reeks all the time.

2. To Look Cool & Slim 

Bullshit. Loads and loads of bullshit. No one likes a stinking pile of bones.

3. Stress / Depression / College Problems / Girl Problems / Health Problems

Be strong. That’s the only thing I can tell you. When you have a lot of time, the things that bother you magnify. You dwell on them way too much. You end up making stupid decisions.Remember, you are young now so you don’t give much thought to your health, but in ten years time – you will see the results of the abuse you inflict on your system now. We already depend so much on junk food and booze, don’t add to the list.

Misc. Reasons: Lots of time on your hands/ the bullshit concept of “smoke-breaks” / your partner smoking / need something to do / keeping your hands busy B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.

But hey, don’t get me wrong . I am on the side who opposes smoking be at any age.

Oh yeah! You’re missing out on a lot of things!

1. Chances of an early death due to cancer and congestion

2. An addiction that you might later regret

3. Yellowish teeth

4. Pocket money crisis and begging your “co-smokers” to buy you one Cravings for a cigarette in the middle of the night

How can you miss out on all these, man? Just go out, light a cigarette and invite death on a date earlier than planned!

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